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Product Description

Green. The colour of renewal, rejuvenation, the feeling of a good morning kiss on a spring morning. This green glaze was relatively recently introduced into Norton’s repertoire of glazes. Since selling out during the first customer test sale, it’s now part of the set of in-stock items at the gallery.

With the David Norton vegetable steamer, your veggies get steamed perfectly in a beautiful handmade serving piece. To use, simply place steamer atop a pan of boiling water. Steam 10-20 minutes. Serve directly from the steamer. Food stays hot and delicious. Each unique vegetable steamer is a unique piece of stoneware pottery, lead-free, and safe in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Great for seafood too!

Perfect as a wedding gift, a house warming present or just for you.

*please note that the photos above are a representation of the one you will receive as each one is hand crafted and is a unique work of functional art.